Obtain your Amateur Radio license!!!

RST sponsors a very active Volunteer Examiner Team (VE Team) via the Laurel VEC. The VE Team administers a license exam session on the second (2nd) Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. The Exam session location is listed below.

RST and Laurel VEC Cooperation

RST and the Laurel VEC have teamed together to bring to Tucson the first "FEE FREE" Amateur Radio Testing Service in Arizona. RST has been offering LARC VEC free exams and fast licensing service since 2012.

The RST VE Team offers exams for all classes of amateur radio license.

You do not need to pre-register. Walk ins are welcome.

Radio Society of Tucson VE exams are free, and licenses earned are granted by the FCC on the next business day.

If it's time for you to earn your new license or upgrade your current license, why not take a couple of hours this weekend to review your study guide, then come see the RST Volunteer Examiners for free VE testing as shown below.

Note: The RST VE Team complies with all local laws enacted due to Covid 19. Applicants are responsible for providing their own masks.

If you have any any questions, contact Diane or the VE team as shown below.

Updated FCC Testing Requirements

The FCC has updated the requirements for taking a license test.

NEW: All Applicants For An Amateur Radio License Must Have An FRN

All applicants for an amateur radio license must give the VE Team their FCC-issued FRN (Federal Registration Number.)

For instructions on how to get an FRN if you don't already have one, click here: FRN Instructions

Examination Calendar

Date Time Location

Laurel VE Licensing Team

Position Member Contact
Laurel VE Liaison Diane Zimmerman AA3OF [email protected]
Member VE Bruce Betterly WA1BZQ  
Member VE Mike Boger W7IJ  
Member VE Chris Buchanan N7JND  
Member VE Rick Comins W1GHF  
Member VE Don Ernle KD7UIZ  
Member VE D. Evens AG7RE  
Member VE Fred FergusonWW6F  
Member VE Gary Grindle N7GSG  
Member VE John Henderson AG7GS  
Member VE Dick Jones W0PZD  
Member VE Jay Melnick KB0TS  
Member VE Dave Paszkiet AG7JG  
Member VE Rosie Paszkiet KG7QWR  
Member VE Michael Perrett K7HIL  
Member VE Gail Peterson N7BXX  
Member VE Doug Shough KG7RWK  
Member VE Charisa Wilson KI7GXL  
Member VE William Wilson AE7YQ  

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