Join the Radio Society of Tucson

RST is an active Club participating, sponsoring, and coordinating many various amateur radio related events. We want members who will be active in the club and participate whether it be to fill officer positions, be an event coordinator, fill staff positions or just be a readily available amateur radio operator in time of need.

Membership Application and Dues

Please download and complete the following form, application. Either mail the form to the address below if you want to pay with PayPal, send the form with your check, via the United States Postal Service made out to Radio Society of Tucson to the address below or come to one of the monthly meetings, bring the completed application and dues to RST Treasurer.

Radio Society of Tucson
P.O. Box 13603
Tucson, AZ 85732

You can also join at any meeting and we will process your info right there.

The yearly dues (based on the calendar year from January through December), are as follows:

Feel free to pay your membership dues from the convenience of the internet using the paypal buttons listed below:

Individual Membership Family Membership Student/Non-Resident
1 Year $20
1 Year $30
1 Year $10
2 Year $35
2 Year $50
2 Year $15
3 Year $45
3 Year $80
3 Year $25

General Membership Listserver for Current RST Members

If not already subscribed, current RST Members are HIGHLYencouraged to subscribe to the RST General Membership Listserver. Outside of RST General Meetings, the listserver is the main venue for communication among members per the latest news and updates within the RST Amateur Radio body politic.

Current RST Members can easily subscribe to the listserver using the RST Listserver Page.


Your Dues Support the following functions of RST


Charitable Donation to RST

RST is an IRS 501(c)(3) recognized organization. Make your tax-deductable donation today!